The Tacit Turn in Pedagogy

Symposium at NERA2012 Copenhagen, 9. March 2012

The contributions to the symposium will be published in 2013


JProf. Dr. Anja Kraus, Prof. Dr. Bosse Bergstedt, Dr. Anna Herbert


The Tacit Turn in Pedagogy

Actual pedagogy refers to the kind of theoretical and empirical research which problematizes the concept of “objectivity”, and investigates the principle of consensus. Here, social reality is viewed as if it were a text (cp. “linguistic turn”). That is to say, it deals with social reality as if it were ruled by completeness, closeness, unambiguity and linearity (Oser 1997, Wulf 2007). Analogously, in school it is widely regarded as the main aim to impart available knowledge and abilities oriented at certain objectives. Pedagogical theory and practice is often reduced to certain norms and to definite interventions in well-defined pedagogical situations. In this regard, pedagogy as well as pedagogically intended knowledge and abilities are interpreted as psychometric competences.

By focusing mainly the tacit side of practices, we follow up a paradigm shift in pedagogy.

This paradigm shift entails not only a revision of instructional practices but also a revision of the existing theoretical approaches to educational practices and to learning, Also the learning goals and the means of instruction have to be revised.

Questions that can be interesting to discuss at the symposium can be for example:

  1. Turn-taking in pedagogy: What does it mean, cause, effect and implicate?
  2. What is a tacit turn in pedagogy? Which discourses should we refer to?
  3. Which turns accompany the tacit turn? (material turn etc.)


Turn to turn-taking ? What Does it Mean to Switch to Bodily Processes in Education?
Maud Hietzge

Exploring the tacit dimensions of teaching
Eva Schwarz

Exercise as a Typical School Practice. Why Impotentiality Matters Educationally
Joris Vlieghe

Unthematic reality. Why and how focus on latent sense structures of pedagogical situations?
Bernd Hackl / Barbara Enko

Desire for knowledge!
Bosse Bergstedt

Performativity and knowledge!
Anna Herbert

The Difference between the Implicit, the Performative, the Mimetic and the Corporeal Dimensions of Pedagogy
Anja Kraus

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