Prof. Dr. Nanna Lüth, University of Arts Berlin

Prof. Dr. Nanna Lüth, Institute of Art Didactics and Esthetic Education, University of the Arts Berlin, Germany


Curriculum Vitae

1994 Diploma Photo/Filmdesign, Technical College Bielefeld
since 1994 (freelance) work as artist, docent, art and gallery educator, author, researcher
2003 MA Art in Context, University of the Arts, Berlin
2014 PhD (phil) in Cultural and Gender Studies, University Oldenburg
Since 2013 Junior Professor in Art Didactics/Gender Studies, University of the Arts, Berlin


Research interests:

Queer and Postcolonial Studies in Art and Cultural Education, Visual Studies / Critique of Representation, Anti-essentialist Concepts in Art and Cultural Education, New Media (Arts) in Schools, Art-based Sexual Education, Critical Pedagogy, Team Research (Art and Cultural Studies based)



Publications (selection):

Lüth, Nanna (2013): Between Instruction and Self-education. Didactic Pattern Analysis Starting From Art. In: Art Education Research, September 2013, Year 4 (7), ISSN 1664-2805 []

Lüth, Nanna (2011): Disturbances. A Photo Project on the Image of the Soldier. In: engage 27. international journal of visual art and gallery education: How do artists engage with young people through the mediation of galleries and museums?, London

Lüth, Nanna (2009): „Heroes can be found everywhere“. A Project on Body Politics at the Kant Gymnasium, Spandau. In: NGBK (Ed.): pöpp68. participation, objections, anyhow, German/English, Berlin, ISBN 978-3-938515-24-2

Lüth, Nanna (2008): What did “really” happen to Hermaphrodite Torso?. In: Claudia Reiche; Andrea Sick (Eds.), europe, woman, digital medium. do not exist, Bremen ISBN 978-3-9309924-13-4

Lüth, Nanna; Carmen Mörsch (Eds., 2005): Children Making Art with Media. A Work bDoVoDk, German/English, Munich ISBN 3-938028-47-5

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