Prof. Dr. Christoph Wulf, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany


  • Professor for Anthropology and Education
  • Member of Interdisciplinary Centre for Historical Anthropology
  • Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) “Cultures of Performance”
  • Cluster of Excellence “Languages of Emotion”
  • Graduate School “InterArts” at Freie Universität Berlin
  • Vice-president of the German Commission for UNESCO
  • Research stays and invited professorships among others at: Stanford, Tokio, Kioto, Beijing, Mysore (India), Paris, Modena, Amsterdam, Stockholm, London, Sankt Petersburg.

Main Areas of Research:

Historical and Cultural Anthropology, Educational Anthropology, Mimesis, Aesthetics, Rituals and Emotions

Publications (selection):

(His books have been translated into 15 languages)

  • Together with Jacques Poulain, Fathi Triki (Eds.): Violence, religion et dialogue interculturel, Perspectives euroméditerranéennes. L’harmattan: 2010.
  • Together with Zikun Zhang: From Guan Li to Eighteen-year-old Oath Ceremony. A Study of Chinese Initiation Rituals. Münster et al.: Waxmann, 2010
  • Together with Shoko Suzuki: Takt in Modern Education. Münster et al.: Waxmann, 2010
  • Eğitim Bilimi – Yorumsamacı Yöntem Görgül Araştırma Eleştirel Teori. Basım Tarihi: 2010.
  • Together with Bernd Hüppauf (Ed.): Dynamics and Performativity of Imagination: The Image between the Visible and the Invisible. New York 2009
  • Ritual in Education: Performance, Imitation and Cross Culture. Peking 2009
  • Together with Tobias Werler (Eds.): Hidden Dimensions of Education. Rhetoric, Rituals and Anthropology. Münster et al.: Waxmann, 2006.
  • Together with Yasuo Imai (Eds.): Concepts of Aesthetic Education. Japanese and European Perspectives. Münster et al.: Waxmann, 2007
  • Together with Shoko Suzuki (Eds.): Mimesis, Poiesis, and Performativity in Education. Münster et al.: Waxmann, 2007
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