Symposium on Communication Practices in the Classroom: Visible and Hidden Dimensions of Teaching.

Conference at CZE, Faculty of Arts, Masaryk Univeristy, Brno, 5. Oct. 2012

The institution of school is based on a number of particular communication practices which are seen as normal and natural only in the school environment. These communication practices take place both verbally, on the level of discourse i.e., in language, and non- verbally, on the level of the body.

Communication practices run like a golden thread through the life of the classroom: they mediate curricular changes and support pupil learning. Pedagogical research typically examines educational dialogue, the quality of teachers’ questions and pupils’ responses, pupil participation, the provision of scaffolding, etc. Communication practices are hence essential for the creation of social relationships and for the emergence of power structures and patterns of empathy and antipathy. It is therefore important to realise that the role of communication practices should not be overlooked in pedagogical research.

The aim of the symposium is to create a discussion space for a micro perspective of school interactions which take place between teachers and pupils, but also among classroom peers. We are interested in both typical communication practices (which represent the norm), but also in newer and progressive techniques which document how a deviation from the shared norm is created.

Communication practices have their explicit side (which is acknowledged and clearly declared by their participants) and also their implicit side (which is not reflected and whose meaning is hidden even from the participants of school interaction in the classroom).

About the symposium

The symposium is open for people engaged within the fields of pedagogy, psychology, sociology, and anthropology who would focus on communication and communication practices in the Middle European region. We would like to discuss the above in a friendly and open atmosphere. The language of the symposium is English. The symposium will last one day and each participant will be given 30 minutes. Approximately 20 participants are expected to participate in the symposium. There will be a symposium dinner.

All accepted papers will be send to participants a month before the symposium so that the participants can spend the 30 minute sessions discussing research findings, methodology, and further issues related to individual papers.

Abstract Submission

Abstracts between 300-500 words are to be submitted to Roman Švaříček ( by Sunday 8th July 2012. If an abstract is accepted for the symposium, a working paper (5 pages) should be submitted by Saturday 8th September 2012. All participants will have to read all papers in advance.

Authors will be notified of paper acceptance by 15th July 2012.


The symposium will be held at the Department of Educational Sciences, at the Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University. The Department of Educational Sciences is conveniently located in the city centre.

Symposium fees: Participants pay for the symposium dinner, lodging, and travel.

Organisers: Klára Šeďová, Roman Švaříček

Should you have any questions, please contact us as the above e-mail addresses.

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