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Tacit Dimensions of Pedagogy


Relevant aspects of the knowledge that is decisive for our acting, for our intuitions, preferences and our decisions defy from articulation. This knowledge influences the questions we put, our successful or failing learning processes, our precarious or promising personality-development. In order to grasp this kind of interrelations, research within the Humanities increasingly turns to imaginaries, materiality, corporeality, visuality etc. The scientific network seeks to integrate the variety of such “turns” in terms of profiling their impacts on pedagogy.


Manual on “`Schweigendes´ Wissen in Vermittlung und Aneignung, Lernen und Erziehung, Bildung und Sozialisation” (Engl. Tacit Knowledge in Agency and Appropriation, Learning and Education, Bildung and Socialisation”)edited by Anja Kraus, Jürgen Budde, Maud Hietzge & Christoph Wulf at Beltz/Juventa, is planned for 2015/16.


The conferences of the network are published at WAXMANN in the book series of the network on “European Research on Educational Practices”.


The Journal of Tacit Dimensions of Pedagogy is an online, refereed journal published by the European network “Tacit Dimensions of Pedagogy”, focusing on unspoken, silent, corporal, spatial, material, barred or alienated dimensions of pedagogy (it has not yet started).


For further information please contact Anja Kraus: anja.kraus@lnu.se

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